Slow roasted lamb pie with mint, paprika and dates

Smoked salmon, cream cheese and caper pies

Slow cooked pork belly sliders with coleslaw

Beef burger sliders with spicy mayonnaise and caramelized onions

Master stock chicken with rice, spring onions, pickled ginger and sesame

Pomegranate braised beef with soft polenta and gremolata

Seafood laksa with egg noodles and Asian herbs

Green papaya salad with Wiakanae crab

Mixed mushroom risotto with parsley, pecorino and truffle salt

Cinnamon spiced chicken, orange and almond cous cous with fresh mint

Spinach, roasted pumpkin and pine nuts pasta with parmesan, lemon and crisp sage

Braised ham hock hash with spinach, roasted tomato and poached egg

Vietnamese pho noodle soup with beef