Hospitality Recruitment

Job Descriptions

Head Chef

  • Order supplies and report to the head of the establishment
  • Ensure the serving of quality culinary dishes and on schedule
  • Ensure that no problem arises during serving; if any, it should be rectified quickly
  • Approve all foods before they leave the kitchen
  • Develop menu offerings
  • Forecast supply needs and estimate costs
  • Ensure efficiency of the kitchen and staff.
  • Ensure production of quality and consistent food
  • Perform accounting functions and scheduling of meals to be served
  • Weigh in on patron complaints
  • Ensure that the food servicing facility meets all necessary standards and regulations such as sanitary and safety guidelines
  • Create recipes and prepare advanced items
  • Assign tasks that are less complicated to lower kitchen staff
  • Maximize the productivity of the kitchen staff
  • Manage the rest of the chefs in the chef’s chain of command
  • Ensure proper equipment maintenance and operations
  • Oversee special catering events and where necessary offer culinary instruction and demonstrate techniques
  • Supervise kitchen personnel and their performance
  • Take charge of kitchen staff payroll and initiate possible increase
  • Report to the food service director
  • Order food from designated suppliers
  • Manage stock of food
  • Organize duty roster for kitchen staff

Private Chef

  • Create interesting delicious varied menus of the highest standard
  • Supplying alternatives for all dietary requirements
  • Ordering/shopping for supplies
  • Understanding dietary requirements and allergies
  • Be flexible with last minute requests
  • Maintain a clean and hygienic kitchen
  • Comply with the food control plan
  • Be able to interact with clients face to face
  • Report any issues to lodge owner/operator


Sous Chef

  • Order supplies report to head chef
  • Ensure standards set by head chef are met
  • Maintain all aspects of a smooth-running kitchen in head chef’s absence
  • Assign tasks to junior staff
  • Maintain kitchen equipment and adhere to food control plan
  • Manage stock of food


Chef de Partie

  • Operate a section in a larger kitchen
  • Report to sous and head chef
  • Assist sous and head chef of stock ordering requirements
  • Adhere to food control plan
  • Assist in creating new dishes for specials etc
  • Assign tasks to junior staff
  • Maintain a safe and hygienic kitchen


Commis Chef

  • Assist in all aspects of food preparation under the guidance of senior chefs
  • Adhere to food control plan
  • Report to senior chefs


Kitchen hand

  • Assist in some food preparation
  • Washing up of all kitchen equipment and tableware
  • Adhere to food control plan
  • Report to senior chefs


Front of house restaurant manager


  • Recruiting, training and supervising staff
  • Agreeing and managing budgets
  • Planning menus
  • Ensuring compliance with licensing, hygiene and health and safety legislation/guidelines
  • Promoting and marketing the business
  • Overseeing stock levels
  • Ordering supplies
  • Producing staff rotas
  • Handling customer enquiries and complaints
  • Taking reservations
  • Greeting and advising customers
  • Problem solving
  • Preparing and presenting staffing/sales reports
  • Keeping statistical and financial records
  • Assessing and improving profitability
  • Setting targets
  • Handling administration and paperwork
  • Liaising with customers, employees, suppliers, licensing authorities and sales representatives
  • Making improvements to the running of the business and developing the restaurant


Assistant restaurant manager

  • Provide leadership and act as a customer service champion for the shift, run your restaurant from the front to back.
  • Promoting teamwork to enable your team to achieve your Restaurant’s goals;
  • Ensuring staff are customer-oriented, friendly, courteous and responsive to customer needs.
  • Ensure that you give recognition and genuine appreciation to your staff during your shifts
  • Control Labour and Gross Profit through effective management
  • Assisting with training of staff as directed by the Manager


Duty Manager

  • Use the opening and closing checklists, action plans, shift plans, cleaning rosters, current hazards, temperature log sheets, cook logs and all other operational policy and procedures daily. To ensure the premises are always operating within the terms of the On-License or off License .
  • To take drink orders, mix and serve beverages either to customers at the bar or through wait staff.
  • Interact with guests.
  • Restock bar with beer, wine, liquor, non-alcoholic drinks and related supplies including ice, glassware, napkins and straws
  • Take regular inventory of supplies for restocking the bar
  • Check customers identification and confirm it meets legal drinking age.
  • Host Responsibility; limit problems and liability related to customers’ excessive drinking by taking steps such as persuading customers to stop drinking alcohol, or ordering taxis or other transportation for intoxicated guests
  • Comply with all food and beverage regulations and Health & Safety requirements. Comply with the conditions of the On-License or off License for the premises, such as guest count, clear exits, licensed hours, and the responsible service of alcohol. Current Duty Managers Certificate


Lodge and private house Hosts


  • Great knowledge of menu food and wine.
  • Ability to multitask and have a calm demeanour under pressure
  • Confident communication skills and positive manner
  • Interact with guests in a professional manner with knowledge of the local area or location you are hosting.
  • Have an eye for detail & a high standard of professionalism.


 Waiting staff

  • Set and prepare tables for customers
  • Hand out menus and wine lists
  • Answer questions about the menu and take orders
  • Serve food and drinks
  • Clear tables and clean the restaurant
  • Polish cutlery and glasses
  • Restock food and drinks
  • Knowledge about menu items and wine
  • Food and drink service skills
  • Knowledge of food health and safety
  • Beautifully presented


Bar staff

  • Ensure excellent and professional client service at all times
  • Undertake general waiting and service duties of food and beverages
  • Up-sell and promote products & services
  • Follow hygienic food and beverage handling procedures
  • Communicate and co-ordinate with team members, kitchen and other areas of operation
  • Ability to work well in a team and possess the initiative and integrity to work independently
  • High level of personal presentation



  • Prepare and serve a variety of coffees and hot drinks
  • Sell food and snacks
  • Take customers’ orders, collect payments, operate cash registers, and give change
  • Collect cups and glasses from tables and place them in washing machines
  • wipe down tables
  • Clean service areas and coffee machines
  • Assist with stock control
  • Follow workplace hygiene, occupational health and safety, and security procedures


  • Preparing and cleaning rooms, making beds, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms
  • Cleaning of all public areas including dusting, vacuuming and public toilets
  • Maintain a high level of cleanliness across the hotel, exceeding guest expectations
  • Working in a safe and efficient manner at all times
  • Assisting with additional tasks as required