Looking For Hospitality Staff?

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Raspberry Creek Recruitment

Raspberry Creek Recruitment can help you find Contract/Temp & permanent hospitality staff or service staff in the Central Otago ​region.

We have a list of specialised candidates with skills in the kitchen and front of house. Our candidates can come armed with specific skills.

We trail all recruits at Raspberry Creek food co. ensuring the right fit is made for your business.

A minimum 4 hours per shift does apply. Your invoice will be sent weekly.

What We Do

  • Advertise and recruit hospitality staff on your behalf
  • Interview all staff checking CV and references thoroughly
  • Check working visa status of all candidates
  • Trial key staff within our own catering business
  • Provide employment contracts
  • Pay temporary staff directly
  • Invoice you weekly
  • Offer competitive rates

Why would you need Temporary staff?

At Raspberry Creek Food Co we understand how important it is to always have the right staffing levels. Not getting this right will dramatically affect your bottom line.

Permanent staff on your pay roll may not be the best option for your business.

We can help fill the gap with qualified staff members at short notice during the busy Wanaka peak season.

Permanent Staff

Recruiting a temporary staff member may lead onto a permanent staff placement.

Our HR department runs all reference and working visa checks.

To gain a clear picture of what staffing solutions you need we will get to know you and understand your business.

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